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Increase the quality of your air

As homes become more energy-efficient, they are also becoming more susceptible to indoor air pollutants, due to the limited exchange of indoor air and fresh outdoor air. Failure to eliminate indoor air pollutants can cause flu-like symptoms such as headaches, nausea and respiratory irritation, as well as aggravation of asthma and allergy conditions. Frequent vacuuming and dusting can help keep your indoor air clean, but the smallest particles that cause the most irritation can be only removed with filtering devices. A. Dandy Cooling & Heating can identify the important issues and provide a solution tailored to your specific need.

Whole-home humidifiers

While dry air can make your home both uncomfortable and unhealthy, there’s no need for you and your family to suffer. Whole-home humidifiers can help. They are installed as part of your home’s heating and cooling system and automatically deliver the prefect amount of humidified air, not just to one room, but throughout every room of your home.


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Electronic Air Cleaners and Filters

Electronic air cleaners and filters trap and filter pollutants like dust, smoke, mold and pet dander from the air passing through your heating and air conditioning system.

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